“A beautiful place where I can embrace my true self…a feeling of coming ‘home’.  Hearts are always open, full of acceptance & everlasting belonging.”

Bonnie W | Yoga Student & Teacher


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Our community is abundant with extraordinarily inspiring human beings who have transformed their lives
through the practice of Yoga and integrate its teachings both on and off the mat.
Get to know and celebrate them here and in the studio.


This is Adam’s story

It is still hard for me to fully comprehend how yoga changed my life. I only started practicing yoga in the summer of 2017. My friend had suggested I try out a class since she had recently started going and I thought I didn’t have much to lose besides my pride.

To back track a little bit, I was 300+ lbs and had not done much for physical activity besides some recreational sports from time to time. I did not know anything about yoga and was not really looking to try and change my circumstances…

All I knew was that I enjoyed sports while growing up and still loved being competitive. The idea of going to a gym had always turned me off and yoga was not on my radar at all. I had seen a documentary on Diamond Dallas Page and his yoga journey, yet I still thought it was primarily for bendy skinny females. Well I was wrong!

Of course, I ended up eating at an All You Can Eat sushi place for lunch and then wound up at my first class a few hours later, which was of course a hot class. I was nervous about all sorts of crazy scenarios happening, but I survived and enjoyed myself. I was intimidated but enjoyed the challenge. I was intrigued by the intensity of the postures and enthralled by the calmness of the breathing. It was a refreshing feeling of pushing myself, breathing through the discomfort yet having to be so laser focused that any outside distractions were gone. The ability to just be mindful of my body, my breath and my movements and being able to let it all go and relax at the end.

My career has me working with people who use drugs and alcohol and who are often experiencing homelessness, which can be quite challenging. Having time to myself to release stress, sweat a lot and try to grow has been wonderful.

When I first took a class with Leanna I thought she was lovable but crazy with her love for boat poses and stamina challenging core classes. However, I realized she did it all with love and I hope everyone can experience it. Her reassurance, passion and determination to see other people engulf themselves in yoga is remarkable.

I lost 100 lbs the first year of doing yoga and being mindful of what I ate and would not have done it without encouragement. I have no doubt her love transcends through her studio and the teachers she allows into that space. I hope to see you on your mat there.


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