If you are new to Yoga, congratulations on taking the first step!

We are thrilled that you chose to begin your journey with us.
We promote an all inclusive, friendly, joyful and supportive community experience where everybody and every body is welcome to begin their Yoga adventure.

The Introductory Offer is a great way to explore our studio, the various classes we offer, and our extraordinary teachers. We recommend starting gently with Hatha, Yang/Yin, Yin or Restorative Classes to get your practice off to a great start.

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Some Things to Know!

First of all, welcome to our community! We believe that Yoga is for everybody and for every body.

We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your first class to complete the studio waiver form, settle in and ask any questions you may have. Bring your own Yoga mat if you have one, and a towel, as well as a non-breakable water bottle with an airtight lid. We also recommend that you wear comfortable moisture-wicking clothing. If you are pregnant or have any injuries or health concerns, please let your Yoga teacher know so modifications can be offered.

We sure do. You can rent them for $2 per class.

Yes, we’ve got those too. You can purchase a cold or room temperature bottle of water for $1.

You can bring your own or rent one for $2.

We do not have lockers onsite and recommend that you leave your valuables at home or locked in your vehicle.

Either works, however we strongly encourage you to make your reservations online. If you’d rather register at the studio, we are happy to accommodate you if space is still available.

If it’s less than an hour before class starts, online reservations are no longer available but you can drop in provided there’s still room. We reserve at least 12 spots of every class for first come, first serve drop-ins.

Your reservation will only be held until 10 minutes prior to the start of class at which time it will be offered to students who are already at the studio and on the waiting list.

Your class can be cancelled without penalty up to one hour before class starts. Cancellations made less than an hour prior to class will be charged to your account.

Unfortunately the scheduling software that we use does not allow us to cancel your online reservations for you. By logging into your account, you can cancel the class(es) from the schedule under your account information.

We do not allow latecomers into class as this is highly distracting to both the teacher and students.

We encourage you to finish the entire class to reap all of the benefits it has to offer. Leaving a class early is highly disruptive to both the teacher and students. Besides, the best part of any Yoga class is the final pose, Savasana. Who wouldn’t want to stick around for that?

The hot Yoga classes are 34°C while the warm classes are 24°C. These temperatures may vary slightly depending on the intensity of the class, the number of people in the class as well as outside humidity.

The classes will be indicated as heated or warm on the class schedule. For example, Yang / Yin (Heated) or Yang / Yin (Warm).

We use infrared heat panels designed specifically for Yoga studios. A few of the numerous benefits include increased circulation that can help lower blood pressure and oxygenate organs, weight loss and pain relief from minor injuries in the tissues, muscles and joints as well as chronic ailments.

Heated Yoga classes can be attended by those 16+. Warm Yoga classes can be attended by those 14+. Waivers must be signed by a legal guardian for anyone under the age of 18. Studio etiquette applies to everyone.

Please consult and get advice from your primary health care provider on whether Yoga during your pregnancy is recommended or not and specifically if heated Yoga is advisable.

Yes. Show us your hotel key card and we will include a rental mat, towel and water bottle with every class purchase.

We do and lots of it! There is additional parking within walking distance on 27th Street NE.

Enter the building through the doors under the BlissPowered Yoga and Stargate Physical Therapy signage. The stairwell to access the Yoga studio is on the left side of the hallway. There is no elevator access.


  • Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your class and intend on staying for the entire class.

  • Leave cellphones and all other personal belongings out of the studio and turn smart watches to airplane mode.
  • The Yoga studio is a silent area at all times. Please speak quietly when outside of the studio and in the hallway areas.

  • As you enter the studio space in silence, please also unroll your mat quietly, having removed any Velcro straps or zippered bags from your Yoga mat prior to entering the studio.

  • We request that you not attend classes while you are sick or recovering from illness.

  • We have zero tolerance for abusive language and / or actions toward any of our staff or community members.